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SHAKE IT Eri/ 15/ Los Angeles, California
2. something about yourself:
I like shoe shopping. I hate it when a shoe feels fine when I try it on at the store. But when I wear it to school the next day, I come home with blisters. I like to go to the playground at the park with my friends and torture little children. However, it's sometimes the other way around. I don't like swimming because it reveals my enormous shorts tan obtained from track and field. I like drinking coca-cola although I am fully aware of how unhealthy it is. I am trying really hard to figure out what I'm going to write here.

3. 5+ bands:
1) The Locust
2) Damien Rice
3) Love like...Electrocution
4) Blond Redhead
5) Beulah
6) Tora! Tora! Torrance

4. 5+ books:
1. Bridget Jones's Diary
2. Sushi for Beginners
3. Speak
4. Sloppy Firsts
5. Second Helpings

5. 5+ movies:
1) American Splendor
2) Love Actually
3) Reservoir Dogs
4) Fight Club
5) Punch Drunk Love

6. how did you find us?:
tamburi commented on my Live Journal♥

7. put us in your userinfo and promote in one other place and show the link:
Here it is!

8. 4+ clear photos of your face:

That little girl is going to attack me!

9. 150x200 pic for the members page:

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